Friday, May 28, 2010

First Post!

Welcome to the Hopper talk blog. This blog will be dedicated to all things fly fishing. I just started fly fishing about a year ago, and as many of you know it can get addicting fast. I will be discussing things I learn along the way and hopefully passing it on to other newbies who have caught the bug as well.

I grew up lightweight fishing and hoping from rock to rock with my father like a lot of new fishermen. We spent most of our time on the rivers and streams of Northern California. I gave up fishing for a while when I was in college and just recently picked it back up now that I have moved to the Boulder area in Colorado.

This place is a dream come true for a fly fisherman in my opinion. Many of my adventures that will be documented on this blog will involve the waters in Colorado but I hope to one day expand my horizons and fish the waters of the world.

I hope anyone who comes across this blog hopefully reads and enjoys these adventures and will even share some of their own.


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