Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why Carp?

Just a quick little post to link you all to one of the best articles on how to Carp fish I have ever come across.

Now if only the lakes would unfreeze before I forget everything I just read!


  1. Very nice! Funny, though...apart from the opening paragraph, I wrote the entire article! To include taking the photos! I originally wrote it to be published in a magazine (which it was)but then intended it to be spread freely about the web--to promote fly fishing for carp. I see it has. Good. But it would be nice if Front Range Anglers could give author credits. Plagiarizing pieces of shit. Guess that is why they are going out of business. Karma?


  3. Well that and an unnecessary move immediately filled in by Orvis.

    It was a great article, I still can't catch a Carp for shit but I try :) I try to spread the carp word as well, just sometimes its better to defer to the pros. I totally would have given you credit had I known you wrote it :)