Friday, July 29, 2011

The Carp Directory

Jay Zimmerman over at Colorado Fly Fishing Reports has posted pretty much the end all be all directory for Carp fly fishing articles.

Short story about Jay.  Back when he was working for the evil empire Jay was one of the first people I ever talked to about fly fishing.  I am sure he had heard it a thousand times before, grew up spin fishing... moved to Colorado... wanted to try fly fishing blah blah blah.  Even though when I left he probably rolled his eyes at me and my newbie questions he was nothing but cordial and extremely helpful.  So I obviously caught the fly fishing bug and he was a big reason why.

Shortly after that I went in and told him a story of trying to fish for Bass for the first time on my fly rod and hearing something thrash around in the weeds.  I decided to cast at it and to this day it is the best cast I have made, I hit whatever this thing was on the head.  I let the popper type fly sit there for a bit and this BEAST appeared behind it and then WHAM my fly went down.  I set the hook and 2 seconds later my line was floating back at me limply minus fly and beast.  Jay (and Rob another evil empire employee) both said "Carp" at the same time.  I said "No it couldn't be this was a dry fly, and carp only eat hotdogs and corn puffs right?" Mere moments later Jay was drawing me pictures and telling me how to go catch it to see for myself, and I have been addicted to it since.  I still am terrible at it, but it is all sorts of fun especially during run-off.

In short... if you happen to come across this and you havn't checked it out yet.  Head on over to his directory and his blog for that matter.  You won't be disappointed.


  1. Nice! I remember! You rock! That is about how we all get sucked into the strange world of carp fishing! Rob and I have both left The Evil Empire...but have not left Boulder. Rocky Mountain Anglers in hitting a really good stride right now. Btw...I do believe carp still enjoy corn puffs!

  2. I am glad man. I am sure there are many more with similar stories to share out there and Boulder would miss you. Truthfully though I haven't been to a Boulder fly shop in a while. Not sure if you have been there but they built a Jax in Lafayette, and while their fly selection is next to terrible, they actually have a very decent selection of tying materials and really good prices.

    I almost stopped by RMA today on my way home from Boulder Creek but decided just to head home. Maybe next time I will drop by and see if you are there.